Thursday, 28 October 2010


Exploration on the Azores
American Vagrants on the Island of Corvo, Azores, in October 2005, Birding World 18:11 by Peter Alfrey

The best locality for American vagrants in the Western Palearctic: Corvo, Azores, in 2006, Birding World: 19:11 by Peter Alfrey

Eye of the Storm, Birdwatch, October 2006 by Peter Alfrey

Die Azoren als Rettungsanker fur verdriftete nearktische Vogelarten- Herbst 2005 by Jens Hering and Peter Alfrey, Limicola 2:2006

Birding on Corvo, Azores, and Nearctic Vagrants in 2005-2009. Dutch Birding. 32:05 2010 by Peter Alfrey, Simon Buckell, Vincent Legrand, David Monticelli & Birding Azores

Vagrancy theory
The Pioneers. Birdwatch: 196, October 2008 by Peter Alfrey

Fate or Free Will. Birdwatch 197, November 2008 by Peter Alfrey

Seabirds in Surrey, The Surrey Bird Report 2001 by Peter Alfrey

Beddington Farmlands
The Birds of Beddington Farmlands by Peter Alfrey, Brian Milne, Derek Coleman and the Beddington Farm Bird Group. Self published. 2010.

Building the Reserve of the Future. Birdwatch. 219. September 2010 by Peter Alfrey.

Raptor Migration at Beddington Farm, the Beddington Bird Report 2000 by Peter Alfrey

A Review of the Scare Migrants Recorded at Beddington Farm 1987-1998, The Beddington Bird Report 1998 by Peter Alfrey

Exploration in the Middle East
Birding the Greater Caucasus, Georgia, 2003 Birding World 17:6 by Peter Alfrey and Darryl Spittle

Eastern Black Redstart at Kazbegi, Georgia, in May 2003, Dutch Birding 28:2 by Peter Alfrey

Pilgrim Road Trip. Birdwatch; World of Birds 2010 pp 11-13 by Peter Alfrey

Gull Identification
Short-billed Gull on Terceira, Azores in February-March 2003 and identification of the ‘Mew Gull complex’, Dutch Birding 29:4 by Peter Alfrey and Mushaq Ahmed

Also contribution to : Winter gull gallery 2002/2003 by Chris Batty, Tom Lowe and Richard Millington, Birding World:16:3