Tuesday, 10 March 2009

WAR- not over

Something will probably give in this crisis. Maybe me:-)

For a whole set of complex reasons....."I predict a riot".

Sunday, 8 March 2009


Met a group of Radio Magic people the other night. Lovely bunch. How bizarre- working in an institution which raison d'etre is to play love songs all night and day.

Love- mmmm- don't get me started.

We were talking about internet dating- what is all that about- everyone's at it. I had a go a couple of years ago for a few weeks. I put on my profile that I was single, had no real desire to share anything with a woman (or anyone in fact) but if someone was looking for cheap and meaningless frills than I was the man. Surpisingly I had little success. I later discovered that easy women were either undesirable to sleep with or very expensive to sleep with (they should be paying me!) so I gave up. I also discovered that indeed I could take advantage of some women who would have happily traded loveless intimacy in the hope that it may lead to loving intimacy but in order to achieve that it would require me to be dishonest in my intentions towards such a naive and delicate creature.

There are dating sites to accommadate what I was looking for but it involves having to put photos of your gentalia on the internet and call yourself something like 'King of Dicktopia' so I gave that a miss too.

Oh sweet love.

Hence why I am now known as the "Birding Monk".

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The troubles

Thought I would just do a quick log (main events) on the troubles. RSB bankrupt (nationalised) and AIG lost 61.7 billion dollars. FTSE plunging again. Pakistan on the brink of civil war and a load of whales and dolphins have organised a suicide protest in Australia. Britain heading steadily towards bankruptcy and Brown running around re-affirming friendships and allies in trying to form his world government- when (if) the time comes.

Something tells me, the average Brit is going to not be too pleased when all is revealed. I am getting a trifle worried. All will be well in the end (hopefully) but it is the bit in the middle I am most concerned with.

In the meantime, keep it local, keep it real. Enough money moving around these local communities to keep us all going- we will soon realise we don't need the big guns trying (very unsuccessfully) to control everything anymore. When they have formed the global network- I presume it will be time to adopt a more 'sane' condition and wire into it. Just can't work out what the nature of this evolutionary transition will be. Catastrophe or steady state. Noone knows.

Science and the arts

A few links of various projects aimed at bringing the sciences and the arts together:








Thanks to Kirsten from the Arts Council London for the links.

Monday, 2 March 2009


I managed to get myself banned (moderated!) from Surreybirders yahoo group today. I did something called cross posting- I don't even know what that is. But nontheless it is a zero tolerance offence.

From observing recent discussion on this forum it was apparant that the 'moderators' were trying to limit free and open debate. I thought the whole point of an internet discussion group is that you can delete the messages you are not interested in. So banned or not- not a very interesting forum where discussion is censored and limited to what a small group of people decide is interesting.

I was only talking about Ruddy Ducks- I think that is even allowed in North Korea. Ha ha.