Tuesday, 3 March 2009

The troubles

Thought I would just do a quick log (main events) on the troubles. RSB bankrupt (nationalised) and AIG lost 61.7 billion dollars. FTSE plunging again. Pakistan on the brink of civil war and a load of whales and dolphins have organised a suicide protest in Australia. Britain heading steadily towards bankruptcy and Brown running around re-affirming friendships and allies in trying to form his world government- when (if) the time comes.

Something tells me, the average Brit is going to not be too pleased when all is revealed. I am getting a trifle worried. All will be well in the end (hopefully) but it is the bit in the middle I am most concerned with.

In the meantime, keep it local, keep it real. Enough money moving around these local communities to keep us all going- we will soon realise we don't need the big guns trying (very unsuccessfully) to control everything anymore. When they have formed the global network- I presume it will be time to adopt a more 'sane' condition and wire into it. Just can't work out what the nature of this evolutionary transition will be. Catastrophe or steady state. Noone knows.

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