Monday, 18 January 2010

'CASPO's' at Beddington Farmlands

Four particularly interesting gulls today at the farm.

BIRD ONE (pic one): A 'Caspian-type??'- this bird recalls Caspian gull but I would prefer to see a whiter head, more distinct shawl, paler underparts, more pronounced wing bars formed by white tips to greater coverts and secondaries, longer primary projection and more discrete marking to the mantle and scapulars.

BIRD TWO: This seems to look okay, especially structurally but didn't really see enough on it to scruntise.

BIRD THREE: A fair cop I reckon.

BIRD FOUR: Even though this photo does not do it justice another fair cop.


Johnny Allan said...

All four look good to me. As with all gulls, Caspos are variable. Note the variation in the greater coverts, scaps etc of these birds. First record of 4 birds at the farm. Glad someone's keeping an eye on things whilst I'm chasing shadows around the Surrey countryside.

Peter Alfrey said...

Yes indeed, there is a subjective element to gull identification.

Johnny Allan said...

Here is Gull no1 in flight last week:

Peter Alfrey said...

That lower scapular with the prominent broad marking is not shown on this bird (#1). Another 2 'Caspians' today- one looked familiar- didn't recognise the other one.