Friday, 13 April 2012

Bug Ticks

Pill Millipede or Pill Woodlouse ?

Steatoda bipunctata (i-spot id)

White-legged Millipede?

Silpha laevigata Fabricius (identified/confirmed by Roger Booth/ I -spot )

Earwig Nymph (i-spot id)

Crab Spider (i-spot id)

Click Bettle

Wolf Spider

Been collecting bugs from under the survey mats today. Reckon I've got the following species to add to my biodiversity list:
Sowerby's Slug, White-lipped Banded Snail, Crab Spider, Wolf Spider, Pill Millipede, White-legged Millipede, Ant Woodlouse, Earwig Nymph and the spider in my kitchen is steotoda bipunctata.

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