Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Summer time explosion

Amblyteles armatorius 
Phycita roborella 
Twenty Plume Moth

Argyresthia goedartella 

July High Flyer 
Great Dart? 
Green Pug? 
Beetles (foul smelling things invaded last night) 

Dusky Sallow 


Bomber said...

Hi Pete, sorry not been looking in for a while. Green Pug yes. Great Dart no. Not 100% certain but probably a knackered Turnip Moth. Lots of the micros too small for me. Have you seen the Raynox DCR-250. Check it out. £45 on Amazon and money well spent. Cheers

Rob said...

The brown/black and hairy beetle in the pot is Lagria hirta

Peter Alfrey said...

Welcome back! I have been up to all kinds of stringing on here!!

Thanks Rob for the beetle id.