Sunday, 21 October 2012

More Corvo moths



Bomber said...

Hi Pete, 1,2,5,7 all look like Turnips to me. 3 presumably a Eudonia sp, wouldn't want to comment further without knowing what occurs there. 4 I think is Grass Webworm (herpetogramma licarsisalis), a species I've just seen for the first time on Lanzarote. 6 the most crippling of all but have no idea. Have trawled the Leps site but can't find it. Someone must know what it is. Not a Yank is it.........?

Darryl said...

Hi Peter, Bomber and Sam (assuming people are still checking this),

I managed to find a checklist of Azorean inverts which helped rule a few things out (I can email it to anyone who wants it), as a result, I'd come to the following conclusions, although having seen Bomber's comment I'm wondering about the Dark Sword-grass IDs now :-/

1. Turnip Moth
2. Turnip Moth & Dark Sword-grass
3. possibly Eudonia melanographa
4. probably Herpetogramma licarsisalis
5. Turnip Moth
6. possibly Ascotis fortunata azorica
7. Dark Sword-grass

Bleedin' moffs.

Bomber said...

Hi Darryl, no I think you're correct, I was just careless!