Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Pan-Species List Update

Black and yellow Long-horned Beetle (Strangalia maculata)

A Picture-winged Fly (poss Rhagoletis cerasi)

Pyrausta purpuralis 
Long-horn beetle (Strangalia melanura)  
 Digger wasp (poss Mellinus Arvensis)
 Yarrow Plume (Platyptilia pallidactyla)
 Eudonia laustrata (?)
 An ichneumon wasp (poss Protichneumon pisorius)
Another ichneumon wasp (poss Lissonota setosa)
Been going though a few photo specimens that I collected over the summer trying to get some names to them.
Must be six ticks in this lot to get myself to the 1000 target.
List here:

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