Tuesday, 24 June 2014


 1 Rhodophaea formosa (one previous record)
 2 Batia lunaris (First for Beddington) 
 3 Tinea trinotella (Several previous records)
 4 Endothenia sp (gentiannaeana and marginana recorded on site previously by Derek) 
 5 Epiblema sticitcana/scutulana (two previous records of stictcana by Graham Collins and Derek)
 6 Chrysoteuchia culmella (common as muck- should have recognised that one!) 
 7 Homoesoma sinuella (two previous records)
 8 Ringed China-mark  (First for Beddington)
 9 Cnesphasia sp 
 10 Celypha striana (recorded several times)
 11 Tinea/Tineola ? 
12 Eucosma cana (one previous record)
13 Phycitodes binaevella  (A first for farmlands) 
All 22nd-24th June.

Thanks to Sean Foote and Billy Dykes on Surrey Moths Facebook page for identifications!

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