Sunday, 20 April 2008

I have discovered Photoshop!

Went on a photography course a few weeks ago to try and improve my DSLR skills. Off to Arizona soon so hopefully will come in handy with getting some passerine shots. Well, I am supposed to be shooting in manual program (controlling my aperture and shutter), shooting in raw, concentrating on my histograms, supposed to be using a mac instead of a pc, concentrating on post production using photoshop (like a modern day dark room) and ensuring that post production is subtle and effective. Well, I have given up on nearly everything and gone back to my old ways- jpegs, pcs, ignoring histograms and shooting in auto- I would miss the photo if I bothered with all that. However I do like photoshop, although I am not sure whether the above photo would be classified as subtle and effective. Can you see the subtle changes?

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