Saturday, 14 June 2008

Little Oak

We are currently working on plans to diversify our services at Little Oak. The general idea is to create a one-stop shop for all aspects of garden services. I am a big believer in specialisation- master of one, rather than jack of all trades, so it will involve organising specialist teams to take care of several main areas: tree work, landscape gardening, garden design and garden maintenance. My personal role in this will be to co-ordinate the teams (probably through some kind of franchise), deal with the marketing, accounting, pricing, quality control, project management, health and safety, administration etc.

As our main target customers are private housing and considering the ongoing moderate slide in property equity, it is probably a very bad time to be attempting such a project. However if we can get it to work now, things can only get better in the future.

Within this network of garden services we would like to promote the generation and maintenance of aesthetically pleasing, practical, garden-wildlife friendly environments.

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