Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Non-stop birding

Photo by Vincent Le Grande- exploration birders on the island of Corvo, Azores

I have decided to try and get down to business with this blog. Birding has been like a window to the rest of the world for me. Just by trying to understand birds I have been led into reading about meteorology, genetics, taxonomy, geography, politics, history etc etc. I have discovered that my interest in birds has basically uncovered an interest in the whole world. I have also discovered that to understand birds, and perhaps more importantly to protect them, it is important to understand how birds fit in to the rest of the world.

I have been watching birds since I was very young. Making observations, taking notes in my notebook, keeping diaries of what I have seen, notes on behaviour, coming up with theories, taking photographs etc. 'Unfortunately' these early experiences have imprinted on me and now I just can't stop. I take notes, observe behaviour and take photographs of everything. This is non-stop birding. I just can't stop.

My hope through these observations is to develop a better understanding of birds within the context of wider considerations and implications. My hope is that this will lead to knowledge and knowledge to the ability to be more effective in understanding, protecting and conserving something which I have been passionate about my whole life.

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