Monday, 17 November 2008

Birding and the Recession

Hooray- it is official. We are now in a recession. Anyone who has been sympathetic enough to follow this blog will remember that I have been predicting this since May 2007 when I sold my house and moved into a recession bunker- which is where I am now. A lucky guess perhaps but now for the next prediction- how severe and how long. My prediction is........ really bad and bloody long.

So what does this recession mean for birds and birding. Well for starters with unemployment at 1.8 million and set to rise fast- that is more man hours in the field. So therefore we should see some more finds.

I was over Beddington last week on Wednesday- I am now down to a self imposed 4 day week and joined in the 'credit crunch watch' with four others present. Hopefully we should see some more faces over there soon as economic conditions deteriorate.

On the negative side we should see corporations, saving money by trying to cut corners with environmental obligations- so keep an eye on your local patches which are industrial by-products- like Beddington for instance. Also health and safety- maybe a little bit of trimming, so beware of those dumper trucks- the quality of the employee may have been compromised for price. I think I will wash my hi-visibility vest.

More seriously with holiday budgets being cut- it could be much needed revenue being deprived to eco-tourism projects, so therefore best to prioritise the birding holiday over the family holiday. I think solo birding trips are a moral obligation- the wife and kids will understand.

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