Friday, 14 November 2008

collective stupidity

My latest rant will be on...... democracy again. I do like blogging-the voices of the voiceless. Got to get it out somehow- what better place to vent than into the great expanse of cyber-space. All those little opinions and ideas all buzzing aimlessly around in server machines and wires. All that collective wisdom (and stupidity), all dressed up but nowhere to go.

I read somewhere recently that if it was left to the British public to decide how to spend public funds, they would blow it all on a mile high golden statue of the Princess of Wales. Well that could be true but I suspect that it would be pretty difficult to make a worse job of things than some political parties manage.

Well it will be interesting to see what Obama gets up to next. This change he is talking about- what is he talking about? Like a fellow blogger from the United States of America itself commented just the other day-'can Obama overcome the corruptive nature of power'. Well, it is indeed power that corrupts so the best way to stop corruption is to prevent any one person from having too much power and to distribute it more evenly across a wider population. It is easy peasy. All he has to do is the equivalent of a Turkey walking itself to the Christmas dinner table. After all that is what all good messianics do.


Benno Art Blog said...

Hi Peter,

You pose an excellent question as to what, exactly, is the change that Obama is seeking (and that many are chanting about).

First, I think that the slogan itself made a great political sound bite and succinctly stated what many Americans have been patiently waiting for.... that is, voting out the current administration. That is really the one change that was most needed.

From my point of view, Bush has lead us into so many disastous directions, there are too many to name. Regardless if one is leaning toward the right or the left, our country has been at the mercy of a president who did not have the greater good at heart.

My perception of "the change" is establishing an administration that will seek to reverse some of the damage. Issues such as, environmental protection, serious development of more eco friendly alternative energy sources, sustainable agriculture, etc.

In terms of the economy, we all hope that the change will be more of a botton up approach and stricter regulation of the market. The free market is a wonderful ideal, but in reality (given the nature of humans) self interest has and will continue to corrupt the system. Unfortunately the public feels helpless against these behemoth institutions and there has been apathy and resignation. Perhaps Obama will take us in a new direction and be instrumental in extending some of that power back to the people. I'm not holding my breath, but have strong feeling that he might bring us away from the brink.

All I can say is, these last 8 years have been hell and most Americans (and the world) are hungry for change. Whether it's just the same old out with the current party and in with the only alternative...remains to be seen.

We have become so accustomed to being lead around and manipulated by fear and hate... is it possible that Obama might be the leader we need to bring us out of this stupor? It sounds too good to be true, but I do anticipate that something productive will come of his presidency.

I don't know what it will take to snap us out of our lazy mindset. Perhaps this economic collapse will be the wake up call sounding the bell that all is not well and that we had better step up and do something about it. Conspicuous consumption and instant gratification seem to have replaced the goals of innovation and thoughtful stewardship.

We're in a fine mess all around and have never been more ready for the status quo to change. I am holding fast that at least a minuscule amount of that change will be for the better.


Peter Alfrey said...

I like you Cynthia. I agree.

Fear and manipulation is one way of leading people. Considering that fear is lack of understanding than to lead people by such a method requires them to be ignorant. For it to work requires the leaders to believe the same rubbish. I dont think you can blame people for being ignorant.

Now in my opinion belief systems are the result of history and experience. If something works for a particular person (society) and worked for their parents (ancestors) than they wont change it. If it aint broke- no need to fix it.

Most of us have worked out the world is not full of goodies and baddies which need to be killed and destroyed. The war on terror only exists in mainly the American and some Europeans minds. It is that terror which needs to be attacked. Fear is the enemy and fear comes from ignorance. As usual knowledge is the answer. Time for a new belief system.

Recent capitalism turned into a racket of addiction and near-total corruption and manipulation.

Our human environments have become toxic which is manifest in the level of obesity, self mutilation, addiction, abuse, common mental illness,depravity, anti-social behaviour, lack luste environments and the near abandonment of high culture, morality, relegion and philosophy. The 50,000 dollar Gucci handbag is a sympthom of a society with a serious mental illness.

The pillars of society have collapsed and now the roof is caving in.

Rome is burning and a New Rome is coming- hopefully.

But to get to the top we have to touch the bottom first. That is what Obama is leading us into. I think- but I am often wrong.