Tuesday, 23 December 2008

End of the Cycle- Through the Mill and then onwards

Well, hopefully everyone agrees now that we are all buggered. The economy is slipping into the unknown. With any luck, the credit crunch represents a macro adjustment- a correction that swerves close to the brink- drops a load of chaff off the edge and then swings back on track. By the end of all this, Britain may well be fused closer to Europe (Euros and all) and Europe will be part of a 'new world government'- in other words we will all be forced, kicking and screaming to 'unite'. The only way out of a world crisis is world co-operation and the only way to get rid of all this debt is to centralise it globally and then write it off.

Once this kind of apparatus for global co-ordination is in place then it will be easier to regulate the economic, social and environmental condition with global policies. This is really the only way to prevent slash and burn as it makes a regulated level playing field across the globe . This is the only way to produce a more constructive mass mind set- an extension of teeth gritting tolerance and 'co-operation'. Hopefully we are approaching the turning point. For environmentalists and sustainable future thinkers this could well be a time of great opportunity to make some bloody real money (and world peace and all that). Right that is all said and predicted. It is going to be a right old mess. Now time to get on with the job ahead.

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