Saturday, 20 December 2008

Natural History Museum- Wildlife Photographer of the Year and the Darwin Exhibition

Spent the day at the Natural History Museum.

An excellent time to go- the Wildlife Photographer of the Year is on at the same time as an exhibition of Charles Darwin.

The Darwin Exhibition is amazing. To see the original note books and the scientific instruments that he actually used in the process of arriving at the theory of evolution is literally awesome. A great insight into the man behind the idea. When trying to make a life choice of scientific discovery over settling down with a wife and kids he drew up a list of pros and cons. One of the cons of a wife and kids was that it was 'a terrible waste of time'. I think that qualifies me into the ranks of a man after Darwins own heart.

Steve Winter- Remote control shot that took 10 months to get using a Canon 400D- the very camera I have but cant get it to take shots like this for some reason.

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