Thursday, 24 September 2009

Petrel liquer

Ingredients: 4kg of margarine, 2 kg of tinned tuna and a splash of cod liver oil.

Melt the marg in a marine biologists saucepan and kitchen and then bung in the tuna. Boil it up and then wisk it so that there is boiling burning tuna and marg all over the freaking place. Let it cool down and take it on the boat in a bucket. Either melt it with boiling water or stick it in the microwave (if you have one on board) and then pour it over the side. The Petrels loved this stuff- they were licking it off the ocean. It doesn't smell bad either and really is weak constitution friendly. I think Shirihai invented this but he didn't invent this:

Petrel liquid gold

Ingredients: 1kg of tinned tunna, 4 bottles of 330ml cod liver oil, 3 litres of sunflower oil.

Bung it all in a bucket, wisk and then pour in the ocean. It is failed to attract anything yet.

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