Friday, 6 November 2009


Image one to three- the front line, image four- one of my neighbours.
Chin up- it's not the end of the world. Or is it?
Human social systems are governed by the same laws of nature as any natural system. The system is held together by co-operation and symbosis and can tolerate cheats and parasites while remaining healthy (the goodies and baddies just fight it out). There are generally enough fair players to maintain and absorb the cheats. However there is a threshold that once crossed is impossible to return from. Once the number of cheats in the system pass a critical point, a cataclysmic landslide occurs- where game theory predicts that in a human system (capeable of making choices) most members of the system will cheat because if they don't someone else will and they will go without. This results in social disintegration and the collapse of a social system.

Well the cheats have built up in the UK system- benefit fraud, self certification of mortgage loans, loan default, insurance scams, expenses fraud, disability fraud, sick pay fraud, tax evasion, over-pricing- the list goes on and on. The greatest financial cheats have sold worthless pensions, endowment policies, worthless insurance packages and worthless investment packages to absolutely millions of people. Bad and toxic debt has built to immense proportions and now Britain exists from one day to the next by printing money, pumping liquidity into the money markets and absorbing immense toxic debts incurred by banks. HAS THE SYTEM ENTERED MELT DOWN?

Capitalism suggests that humans should exist in a pitch battle between individuals, to get ahead and 'win' by controlling more capital and resources than your competitors. In it's most raw and fundamental incarnations capitalism is plain aggression, bullying, greed and individualistic. It draws on examples in nature to suggest that this is nature's way- with reference to the great wastage that nature exhibits in creating perfect organisms- finely tuned to their environments, having overcome all odds to survive, as opposed to their weaker and less fit competitors. The fittest and finest survive. In human societies this is represented by the emergence of the super-elite, the oligarchs and the mullahs of greed. 'Stepford' humans have evolved- elite and pseudo elite females with cosmetically engineered bodies and faces, porcelain teeth, silicon breasts and botux lips- products of 1970s science fiction- which has now become fact.

Well this is all well and good- and what a funny and interesting world that it has created. Fundamental to capitalism is a huge wastage of human life, those who are not the winners. The losers- these grow in number as time passes. As the wealth and power moves into smaller and smaller number of dirty hands as this pitch battle rages on, the number of looses increase. A human being that is deemed a failure or looser in a society is basically being given a low value. Undervaluing human beings is also known as neglect or abuse and symptoms of this include mental illness, aggressive and sexual behaviour, self harm, compulsion, addiction etc. All are symptoms of being deprived of basic human respect and value. What a great story- millions of people in pitch battle, ripping each other off, fucking each other over, beating each other up, using each other for shagging, divided, crippled and insane- deliberately and systematically turned on each other to keep them powerless while they are used by the super elite to run their call centres and businesses. Hahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah. I love it. It is comedy.

Don't get me wrong- it aint all bad and I am not that cruel revelling in it all. Losers (me included I guess) find a resilience and a humour, they develop sub cultures, they develop tribes and they live in these sub-groups- disconnected as much as possible from the battle that rages on. However, as time passes and the battle increases in intensity, its effects start intruding on the tribes who start being deprived of basic employment, money and resources that they need to maintain their parallel existence. As more and more resources pool into the super elite- the people at the middle and bottom of the pyramid get more and more deprived- eventually the whole system collapses as the foundation is starved and finally fails to co-operate any longer.

The financial system has melted down, unemployment is rising, Britain is printing money to survive, the BBC is tightly controlled, social disorder is increasing, sexual and aggressive anti-social behaviour is exploding, the unions are urging strikes, the corporations are buying each other up (leaving more and more power in the hands of fewer and fewer), house prices are not rising for much longer, the stock market is quivering, the pound is depreciating and the heat is rising.

Is it coming? 20 years behind the fall of Communism? Will a transition to a more environmental and social minded system be cataclysmic or will it be a gradual evolution. In essence, there is no choice, human systems must become sustainable- its a question of how and when????

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