Saturday, 7 November 2009


So if Capitalism falls within our region, what will replace it?

I don't know what it will be called, Intelligent Democracy perhaps. The Golden Mean is the point of equilibrium. A balance between capitalism, communism, fascism, religion, science, between the right and left etc etc. There are only so many variables and every group of The System has valid and vital input. In essence each of these compartments are organs of The System. However each organ of society is only that- the MIND of society should rule and not the organs. The MIND is the group consciousness, the global consciousness that theoretically should evolve as evolution continues its inexorable and relentless journey to creating the global 'conscious' homo-centric organism. The World Government is emerging- the G20 continues to grow in power, super regions are emerging, the EU treaty has been signed, the global village is wiring up (Internet), old orders are collapsing and new ones are emerging and evolving. The embryonic and evolving Gaia is kicking in the womb and we are cells within her. Maybe it's time to 'wake up', to 'switch on' . Cells that don't switch on, will presumably be at high risk of becoming obsolete.

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