Sunday, 8 November 2009


It is often said that saving the planet is about saving ourselves as a species. Well that bollocks, it is about saving yourself as an individual. Unification, wiring up, switching on and forming advanced colonies- next generation societies, gives you a much better chance of survival and well being than pitching yourself in a lone pitch battle (economic fighting) agaisnt all other individuals.

House price arm races, working more for less to get up the ladder, extra tuition for your child to beat your competitor into the best school, scrambling for houses in good school catchment areas, cosmetic enhancement to look better than your competitor, marrying someone you dont love just to keep up appearances, getting into huge debts to keep up with your competitor- its a scramble for resources like throwing a bag of rice to a bunch of starving people who have lost all dignity, push and punching eachother out of the way to get something for themselves because there is not enough to go round.

Hahahahahahahhaahhahaahhaahhaha. Now there's even less to go round. Hahahahahahahahahah.

We are all fucked.

Advanced, intelligent societies- based on an effecient distribution of resources (so there is enough to go round), the generation of a true level and fertile field- where individuals are free to flourish and grow is mathematically the optimum condition for continual survival.. Like I say, it's not about the human species, it is about those individuals that form these colonies. If you like, if you are truely selfish than it is better to stop clawing the eyes out of your competitor (you have a one in six billion chance of winning that game) and start thinking about ways to stop being a c##t (note to me).

The colonies are already rooted, forming the foundation for the next order. Self employment, small businesses with conscience and style, private enterprise, social minded businesses, environmentally minded businesses, conservation bodies, housing Associations are the socialist/capitalist fabric of the UK that is basically holding it together. Indeed socialism in its earlier and extreme forms is a waste of time so it is important to understand that any social or environmental venture must run with a good profit margin to sustain itself- incorporating the aspects of 'good capitalism'. Individuals working for these organisations must be able to live healthy and very comfortable exsistences (thats more money for the goodies).

As far as I'm concerned that's the future. Unregulated greed, environmental destruction, social inequality and ostracism, lack lustre human environments and lack lustre culture- lack lustre individuals- TWATS------ your days are fucking numbered.


Tim Allwood said...

What a fantastic post.

A birding blog that's a lifestyle and not a hairstyle. Awesome.

Lets hope the TWATS' days truly are numbered. Those Jedward fuckwits must surely be harbingers of the apocolypse though Peter.

Peter Alfrey said...

Cheers Tim,
Jedward are indeed two of the horsemen of the apocalypse- Famine and Death. It's an all time low.

Still waiting for the other two to arrive