Saturday, 5 December 2009


God!!!!, this is sooooo boring. Waiting for the end of the world has got to be the most drawn out affair on earth. It's worse than Lord of the Rings!

Now they are all arguing about bonuses. Of course they have to pay RBS bankers huge bonuses. These banks are looking for socio-types who put short term profit before anything and the only way of attracting these people is by feeding their compulsion for more bangers. If RBS don't give them what they need they will go to HSBC for their hit.

Devoting life to short term gain requires a person with a personality order. Short term gain works exactly like an addiction and requires increasingly larges doses and shots to sustain it. The only way of propelling this banking system forward is by increasing the 'money heroin' to the perpetrators of it. The end result is cataclysmic collapse as the perpetrators get more and more, reckless and desperate to sustain the negative feedback loop i.e. they totally loose it. It's Scarface banking.

Long term vision- investing in people and the environment for sustainable positive futures. Long term investments, stability and order. Regulated banks which serve the interests of society, that operate in an open, transparent and fair arena. Benevolent bankers that look after people and help them flourish in their personal financial lives. That's what we will move towards in the end because that is all that works over time.

There is nothing more satisfying in this world than watching some twat cop it. These bankers are going to cop it big time (best to get your money in tangible assets mofos).

There is a God (a force that moves towards equilibrium)- she just likes winding us all up but it all comes good in the end- (before it all starts again). Soooooooo- strap up cos when this pendulum starts swinging back the other way it could be travelling at quite some speed and will probably overshoot- could be carnage.

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