Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Wake up

Evolution has a branch that long ago has taken the epic form of 'the Battle of Ideas' . In this pitch battle, contestants prove or disprove their ability in understanding of our selves and the natural world around us. Understanding gives power in controlling destiny and the course of evolution- the power to create environments- to create realities that we choose and want. This will in many ways be the ultimate achievement of evolution. To defeat the slavery of chance and probability and achieve empowerment and control. It will be in terms of survival, the most optimum state that can evolve. Since evolution began it was probably destined to arrive at this answer- because this is the end game- ultimate survival and optimum conditions by defeating the cruel indifference and endless suffering and impartiality of the natural world- only humans can create a parallel world and design a system where cruel indifference is replaced by an advanced and improved condition. Ancient spiritual and religious texts speak of this ultimate achievement of evolution-perhaps there is a deep ingrained blue print within everyone to reach this goal.

We are all taught the answer lies in unification, in wiring up, in managing planetary systems, in taking over from randomness and chaos, overcoming our basal condition, defeating the tyranny of chance and imposing order- an improved reality. A reality that humans choose.

So we have a choice:
a) Live in a world where economic growth is put as priority above quality of life. Economic growth is finite in a finite world and in attempting to pursue continual economic growth will result in destroying the environment around us. Money as God and the pursuit of individual gain over and above quality and health of the system, will result in a diminished quality of our natural environment, inequality which breeds social chaos, physical and emotional malnutrition which breeds impoverishment and sickness- a world devoid of dignity and honour where we descend to our basal human condition-one of constant apprehension, mistrust and uncertainty.

b)Create a world where quality of life is the main goal. Where the end game is to create an environment which is inspirational and amazing. Where individuals are nurtured and given what they need to prosper in order to fulfill their tasks in creating this world. A world where we share our space with animals, birds and plants in a symbiotic relationship of well managed homocentic-ecosystems intricately interwoven into the natural world. A reality where trust and community replaces mistrust and individualism. As individuals focus on engagement in a positive, enlightening and fulfilling environment there is not so much need for symptomatic control as the root cause of social and environment ills has been tackled. Instead of a constant engagement in cures- there is a constant engagement in positive and inspirational pursuits.

The choice really is a human choice. Choice is a funny thing- it often involves punishment and redemption when we make the wrong choices which forces a reappraisal and then a correct choice (not much choice in that). Money is not God and Economic Growth is not the raison d'etre for human existence. An advanced state of consciousness is God, creating an improved human condition is the raison d'etre for human existence.

There are consequences to all actions- watch the world over the up and coming months to see the consequences of our post war actions. Apocalypse now, well hopefully- the end of the world- yes hopefully. The end of an unsustainable and money centred world- well atleast our immediate world. There have been many worlds in history across time and space- just alternative realities which we choose to create. It is a series of cycles. It is time for a new skin. Hopefully it is time for some major ground to be won in this environmental and social revolution.

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