Friday, 11 December 2009


I made my final personal finance moves today well in advance of any major developments. I spread my moves out but are based on some of the following events occurring over the next few months: A significant devaluation in the pound, another fall in house prices, another stock market significant down turn, a huge rise in unemployment, social unrest, more bank instability, the declaration of bankruptcy for the UK or emergency intervention by a UN body and a gold price crash. The false dawn that I also predicted is soon to be over and the darkest hour is on its way.

In short my survival strategy is to transfer all available funds into tangible assets, euro based investments, hard cash (get some out of the bank to cover temporary freezes) and getting recovery business ideas ready to be launched at bottom point.

There is nothing clever about all this. It is based on a simple fundamental principle- nature moves towards equilibrium and global interconnectivity and management is the only way of achieving that.

We will see. It's just a game. I've been pretty right so far over the last three years by investing in a deep down turn (and made some reasonable money for a small time flutterer) but that doesn't mean I will be right in the short term future. That's the fun in all this. We will get there in the end but nobody knows how and over what time frame.

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