Saturday, 3 January 2009

The audacity of hopelessness- thoughts on reclaiming the hippy dream

Pure unadulterated selfishness- now that is something that the vast majority of humanity can relate to. This rule, like all rules, has exceptions (maybe 10-15% of the population) but overall the human condition is quite clearly one of total and utter self obsession and at best a passing acknowledgement, occasional sympathy but general disregard for the vast majority of other humans, other animals and the environment (hence the reason why overall 'the planet' is in some kind of decline).

So my twisted advice for 2009- abandon all dreams and hopes of other people treating you or other things in a way that you would like and embrace the truth- the only person that will treat you in the way you want is yourself. So as my Father taught me... 'F##k them all bar one'.

However this presents an interesting philosophical paradox- if everyone looked after themselves (and their immediate environment) and were independent and strong- than there would be no need for conservation, altruism or charity. It appears that independence or self sufficiency is essential to a healthy environment. There would be peace and love.
The only true love is love of self, the only care of the environment is the environment self lives and the only peace is keeping away from others .
Happy new year.

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