Thursday, 8 January 2009

Modern Birding

Travel used to be easy. It used to bins, scope, tripod, passport and wallet.
Now it is bins, scope, tripod, passport, wallet, compact camera, DSLR camera, 300mm lens, 50mm lens, 200mm lens , 1.4 x converter, i-pod, speakers, lap top and then there are the 5 chargers, 20+ batteries, 4 USB cables, i-pod adaptor, universal adaptors, compact flash cards, memory sticks, power sockets, transformers and nowadays I even bring along a change of clothes.
What is the world coming to.


Denise said...

I can only say, hahahahahahahaha

Darryl said...

Try adding a parabola and recorder! There must be somewhere we can employ sherpas to lug all this crap around. Keep the updates coming.