Monday, 5 January 2009

It is minus ten outside but in Paul's self sustainable traditional stone house, a load of Beech wood is keeping us alive via the large central wood burning stove which drives the central heating and hot water. Just eaten home reared pork with home grown potatoes washed down with dogwood juice and then a cup of PG tips with milk straight from a cow. My feet are cold though.


Denise said...

you are really go from one extreme to the other lol. I'll keep following your blog eagerly. I will start posting as soon as I get to korea

Peter Alfrey said...

Look forward to it. Be sure to get the camera fixed:-)
Take care.

Denise said...

Well, I called today at the camera shop to see how it was going, and they said they were a little bit behind with work, so they haven't even taken a look at the problem...worst case senario I will just buy a new camera before I leave, or get myself a cheap one from there. I don't want this to spoil my trip.
P.S. I am already addicted to your blogs. xxx