Friday, 30 January 2009


Well that was interesting. Just left Syria after a twelve day visit. The majestic Euphrates, vast plains and deserts, ancient kingdoms, stunning ruins, artefacts lieing on the ground- ancient pots sticking out of the ground, desert birds, amazing wetlands, living history, friendliest people ever, secret agents following us everywhere we went, attacked by dogs, great food, Arabian Oryx, illegal to blog, the most stunning and graceful beautiful women and met a guy who not only discovered the Bald Ibis colony at Palmyra but also ate one of them. What a place. Now in Jordan.


Denise said...

why is it illegal to blog?

Peter Alfrey said...

welll I was being dramatic, I dont think all blogging is illegal- there are restrictions on certain blog sites. I dont know why, maybe to preserve the interests of local providers. Not sure. Just on my way to check out your blog and see what you are up to in Korea.